Socratease is a radically New Way of Learning

The content engages you, makes you think critically, and adapts to your knowledge level.
Why Socratease?

Research shows that the Socratic method leads to a much better conceptual understanding and greater retentivity. Education's two major problems are: (i) students don't find textbooks engaging enough; (ii) teachers finds it difficult to individually interact with each student to gauge a classroom's learning progress.

Socratease solves both these problems! It has exciting content for the student, and it uses the students' interactions with this content to inform the teacher what the classroom is finding difficult. We are against animal cruelty, but, we believe this is what they call "Killing two birds with the same stone".

Experience Socratease

The best way to experience the excitement of Socratease is to dive straight into learning a few concepts. Click on any of these modules and spend a few minutes understanding Socratease's novel pedagogy.

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