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Socratease addresses Learning Difficulties.
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Our Products

Infra (for Companies)

Use our proprietary algorithms to convert your raw content into interactive, gamified modules.

Canon (for Companies)

Import questions, animations and videos from our rich library. Customise them for your purposes.

Aha! (for Students)

Curious about the atomic structure? Or how electricity works? Or about birds and bees? Jump right in!

Sample Modules

Try any of these modules to understand how Socratease works

Data-driven Learning. Now, extremely easy to Create and Consume


Edtech-as-a-Service. A White-labelled solution that provides Content Hosting and Delivery, E-learning Web and Mobile Apps, Student and Classroom Management, and Analytics. You give us your content, we will give you a full-fledged Digital Learning Product.

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Import Modules, Questions, Images, Animations, Videos and more from our ever-growing Library of rich Educational Content. Customise it to your audience by Localisation, Translation and Contextualisation.

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Combining Infra and Canon, Aha! is a Learning App that makes you learn via Questions. The Question makes you Think about a Concept. Your response to the question lets Aha! Adapt the content to You.

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