• What about Unfrequently Asked Questions?

    The word is Infrequently. OK, this is the only snarky remark on this page. We promise!
  • What is Socratease?

    Socratease is a new and interactive way of Learning online. Most e-Learning today happens via text or videos. But, text and videos cannot gauge a student’s level of understanding.

    Socratease’s pedagogy makes the student think about different concepts. As the student is thinking, Socratease identifies learning gaps and remedies them.
  • How is Socratease different from Khan Academy, Coursera, Udemy, etc?

    The fundamental difference is in the pedagogy. These platforms mostly teach via videos. But, Socratease’s content is delivered as multiple short snippets that the user constantly engages with. This active learning is similar to how a student learns from a good teacher—through a dialogue.
  • What are the advantages of Socratease's pedagogy?

    • Unlike in a video, students can learn at their own pace. The content allows the user to think and proceed, rather than just watch pixels change.
    • With Socratease’s content, the student is interacting with a module typically every 30 seconds or so. This is a much more engaging experience.
    • Because the students are thinking and discovering the subject matter by themselves, their conceptual understanding is far better.
    • This better understanding means that students retain concepts for much longer.
    • The entire learning experience is gamified, which leads to much higher completion rates
  • What are the disadvantages of Socratease’s pedagogy?

    It will make you so smart that you will develop an intellectual superiority complex. And, as we have learnt to our own cost, this is a complex you should not develop.
  • What do you mean by Socratease learns from the user?

    How does one learn anything? Keeping metasemantics about the word Learn aside, one learns by asking the right questions. Socratease’s content has been carefully designed so as to determine a student’s understanding of a concept. Each snippet contains within it a question that reveals a student’s understanding of the snippet.

    Based on the response to the snippet, Socratease infers how well a student has understood a topic. Socratease uses this inference to decide what snippet to serve next. In other words, Socratease’s content adapts to a student’s understanding, real-time. So cool, no!?


  • What is Socratease Infra?

    Infra is a tech product that allows anyone to easily build a fully-featured, scalable e-learning product. Infra converts educational content in any format into a website or app that students can access.
  • What do I get with Infra?

    • Content Management System: An extremely simple interface to create, host, edit, and deliver educational content. The content can be in the form of text, audio, video, images, animations, modules, snippets, etc.
    • Student-facing Website and App: Infra automatically builds these digital properties that your students can use to access content. These are white-labelled products. So, you may splash your own branding throughout.
    • User and Classroom Management: User account management; roles like Student, Teacher, QA, etc. If you are a company selling to different institutions, you can also manage different institutions and their classrooms.
    • Analytics: Gain insights into which students need extra help, what topics students in classrooms are finding difficult, etc
    • Personalisation: Tag your content with simple metadata and Socratease will deliver content appropriate to the student’s learning ability.
  • How does Infra work?

    Think back to the time when there were no blogs. It was quite difficult to maintain your own website. Then, blogging websites came along and made it super easy to have your own website.

    Similarly, Infra makes it easy for you to build your own e-learning product. You get an admin panel, and a simple set of tools through which you can manage content, stakeholders and other settings.
  • How easy is it to set up an e-Learning product from scratch?

    Infra ships with a set of very sensible defaults. If you have content ready, you can have a fully-functioning website and app within a day. The process is automated, and you get access to the features and settings.
  • Whom would Infra be useful for?

    It would be useful for anyone with education content. You could be a teacher in a classroom, a subject matter expert, a school, an education company, a textbook publisher, etc.
  • Who manages/owns the data that gets generated via Infra?

    You are always in-charge of the user data. We will never monetise user data. If you decide to stop using Infra, you will get a full database dump, and the data will be purged from our servers.

    To serve your users, though, we will need access to the content and the user data. These may be via APIs or via direct access to the database. But, rest assured, we will be accessing your user data only for your purposes.
  • What if I don’t have educational content, but, want to use Infra?

    You may consider using Socratease Canon.


  • What is Socratease Canon?

    Canon is educational content created by Socratease’s partners and curated by Socratease’s team. It contains images, animations, videos, textual content and question sets. If you are looking to create a course, and want to start off with some content, you can just import what you need from Socratease Canon.
  • What content is currently available with Canon?

    You can see content currently available with Canon here. This content is largely based on India’s NCERT Syllabus for Classes 8th, 9th and 10th.
  • Can I use Canon’s content as-is?

    Of course! Imagine writing a project report and using Google Images to insert some media. Canon works similarly, except that it is much more kosher, because you are explicitly seeking our permission to use our copyrighted material.
  • Can I change Canon's content?

    Absolutely! You can change Canon's content to make it more appropriate to your audience. It is very easy to do this!. You have access to the raw content and you can:
    • Add more modules or delete existing modules
    • Reorganise different parts of a given modules
    • Edit it to make it simpler/more difficult
    • Translate it to a different language
    • Localise it or change the media accompanying the text
  • Can I use Canon without using Infra?

    In principle, yes. But, practically speaking, rendering Canon’s content sans Infra may be quite cumbersome.
  • How easy is it to change the content?

    Extremely easy! One of Socratease’s best features (heck, we even have a patent pending for this!) is the Content Management System. It is very intuitive and convenient to use.


  • What is Socratease Aha!?

    Aha! is Socratease’s own eLearning product, with Socratease’s content. So, think of it as a happy marriage between Infra and Canon. And, like other happy marriages, you have much to learn from Aha!
  • Why is it called Aha!

    The Aha refers to Aha! moment that many of us experience when we learn something new. This happens when different things that we are learning about suddenly come together and make sense. And what a beautiful feeling that is, mon cher ami. Socratease Aha!’s modules make you navigate content so that you say Aha multiple times.
  • How is Aha! different from other Learning products?

    Aha!’s content serves two purposes: (i) making users think; (ii) determining users’ learning gaps through their interactions with the content. This is fundamentally different from other e-learning content out there.

    Also, Aha! has algorithms that gamify the learning experience. This will keep the user engaged and motivated throughout their learning journey.
  • Whom is Aha! for?

    Currently, we have Science content for Indian high-school students. The content maps onto the NCERT curriculum.
  • Is Aha! to be used by students at home, or by students in a classroom?

    Both. Students can learn directly from the website or app. Or, if we are working with the school, students in the classroom get to access the content too.
  • How do we start using Aha!

    You may download the app from here. Or you can create an account here and start using Aha! over the web.