Socratease Canon

Import Engaging and Interactive content

Questions, Images, Animations

Ready-to-use Modules

Canon content is ready-to-use as-is. You can make it yours with a single click!

Easy to Edit

Canon comes with a super-intuitive interface that you can use to edit the content. You can test your edited content in a Staging environment, or make it go Live immediately .

Translate and Localise

We support multiple languages. You can use our Google translate integration to get a basic translation of the content and then curate to refine it.

Modifiable Media

Edit the media source files to change animation speed, background colour, etc. Or, add your own media on particular screens.

Rich Content

Because this content is built by Socratease's curated partners, the content easily lends itself to Socratease's analytics algorithms. All the content have been tagged with appropriate metadata for this.