Socratease Aha!

Interesting Content betrothed to an Engaging App

Learn concepts from Scratch. At your own Pace.

Curricular Content

Most of Aha!'s content is based on a particular curriculum. So, it is an excellent companion tool to your course.

Interactive Book

Aha! is an interactive textbook. It jumps across sections based on your interactions with it.

Adaptive Algorithms

If you are finding a concept difficult, Aha! automatically serves you easier and more foundational content. If you are getting everything right, Aha! serves you more advanced content.

Learning Gaps

If used by a teacher in a classroom, Aha! identifies concepts the classroom is finding difficult. For example, "35% of the students didn't understand Pythagoras' Theorem".

Notifications and Tracking

Get app reminders of lessons you need to complete. Compete with other students who are learning with you. Track your learning progress.