About Us

To enable easy and affordable access to good-quality educational content

We are a team of educationists, technologists, artists, and teachers (and, yes, also business types, ugh!). We firmly believe that Education is the single most worthy Cause fighting for. Yes, even more than Climate Change and debunking Flat-Earthers!

We also believe that we haven't even scratched the surface of how Technology can help educate people at scale. Wikipedia and YouTube videos are excellent sources of knowledge, yes. But, so much more can be done with technology!

In particular, we think that technology can truly personalise a student's learning experience. While many companies have earned billions by profiling unsuspecting internet users, few have devoted their efforts towards profiling the learning gaps of students.

We set out to build a product that does exactly this. As we were building the tools required for such a product, we realised that the tools can be used by other content creators to build their own products. Socratease is a result of this journey.

We were so happy with Socratease that we decided to open-source it and make it available for free. Ha ha, just kidding! The business types told us that we were mad to give it for free. So, as a compromise, we changed the word 'free' to 'affordable' in our Mission Statement.