If you've watched the movie "The Loudest Voice" starring Russel Crowe as Roger Ailes, you might wonder, why did so many women put up with his harassment? Why did they wait for so long before they spoke out? It's difficult to say, but surely, we can act to prevent such behaviour in our workplaces, right from the start.

The #MeToo movement, a rallying cry against the pervasiveness of sexual harassment, has sensitized companies to put out a clear statement of what will and will not be tolerated in a work environment.

iQuanti promotes a work environment that encourages mutual respect, courteous and congenial relationships. In the next few pages, we list out scenarios which you may encounter while dealing with your co-workers, and the various responses you might provide.

The POSH primer is intended to prod you into thinking about appropriate responses, so you are not caught unawares if you hit a problematic harassment situation.