Very good! Don't worry, your teacher is not planning a test! Even if he/she was, that is not something Science would study. Because the decision is being made by a human. It is not a naturally occurring event, like the Sun's movement.
We used the word matter earlier. In Science, matter refers to anything that has mass and occupies space.

The mass of any object tells you how heavy it is. For example, if a water pump needs 1 minute to draw \(1 \, \mathrm{kg}\) of water, it will need 2 minutes to draw out \(2 \, \mathrm{kg}\) of water.
You have \(1 \, \mathrm{kg}\) of Iron and \(1 \, \mathrm{kg}\) of Cotton. Which is heavier?
  • 1 kg of iron
  • 1 kg of cotton
  • They are both equally heavy
  • Depends on their sizes