Obviously not! 10,000 kgs is a lot of sugar! There is no way we can dissolve so much sugar in such a small volume of water.
If you take a fixed amount of a solvent, you can add a maximum amount of solute to it. The amount of solute in a solvent is called its concentration. For example, if you add \(20 \, \mathrm{gm}\) of sugar to \(4 \, \mathrm{liters}\) of water, the concentration will be \(\frac{20}{4} = 5 \, \mathrm{gm/L}\)

If the concentration is low, the solution is called dilute. If the concentration is high, the solution is called concentrated.
Solution A has a sugar concentration of \(5 \, \mathrm{gm/L}\). Solution B has a sugar concentration of \(15 \, \mathrm{gm/L}\). Which is more dilute?
  • Solution A
  • Solution B
  • Both are equally dilute